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12 of the GREATEST tips about BUSINESS from real entrepreneurs! EP. 181

We dive into the last 6 months of episodes and a handful of the best business tips from entrepreneurs that have been on the podcast. These are the top business tips from business owners in all different industries. This will be our last episode until May 1st of 2022 as we have quite a bit of traveling to do over the next month. Thank you for everybody that has tuned in, likes, commented, and shared the page since we have started. We are not done yet. We look forward to returning in May with new and exciting guests and great content for business owners across the globe. This is the 181st Episode of Clicks & Bricks Business Podcast!

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(02:00) Tom Dowd – Never be a victim – P.I Nutrition


(04:00) Tierre Jones – Love what you do – The S.P.E.D System
(06:25) Emeroy Berndardo – Vision Paradox – Fear Setting
(08:30) Hugo Gatsby – Stradea – Fail forward

Stradea Accessible Web Design, Branding + Strategy 2021

(11:10) Jessica Yarmey – KickHouse – What kind of shot are you going to take


(13:15) Joe Siecinski – BrainShare – S.M.A.R.T Goals


(14:45) Brent Pollington – Express Employment Professionals – Effecting training plans
(17:10) Terrance Mcmahon – The Anywhere Advisor System – Kintsugi
(18:40) William Rothrock – Rothrock Settlement Consulting – Being Greatful


(21:30) Michelle Tresemer – Foundations First – Leave the Rat Race
(24:00) Brian Gregory – Admanity – Don’t forget who you are

Home of The ADMANITY Protocol

(26:05) Russ Yeager – Fitness Together – Take care of you

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