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5 LOW Investment Aviation Business Ideas You Can Start TODAY

Since I was a kid I always loved business and aviation. As soon as I moved to the USA I started searching for different business opportunities in the aviation industry and I quickly realized that to make 1 million dollars your first have to spend 4 lol most of you know what I mean. For this reason, I started searching for LOW investment aviation business ideas and found the following opportunities:

1. Aircraft Detailing
2. Aircraft Sales
3. Air Charter Broker. Visit or email me at for an invitation to join.
4. Aircraft Appraiser. Training provided by ASA ISTAT or PAAO
5. Aviation Consultant

If you want to learn how to sell airplanes I am offering 1-on1 classes. I will show you everything you need to know to start a successful brokerage. And YES I charge $$$ to share my knowledge but you will avoid all my mistakes and sell your 1st airplane faster. The MARKET IS HOT now is the time to start your brokerage. CLICK BELOW

If you want to discuss your needs before investing your time and money feel free to email me at

Recommended Products to get Started
Aircraft Detailing BEGINNERS kit (Wet Wash):
Aircraft Detailing BEGINNERS kit (Dry Wash):

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