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B2B Cost Recovery Franchise

+1(800)432-1583 to learn More. If you are a successful B2B sales executive considering business ownership FRAN5 is currently interviewing candidates in key cities for one of North Americas most successful cost recovery franchises .

Why is this franchise worth a look?
Investment is only $51,500 and audited financials indicate Top 25% of franchisees generate over $650,000 annually, this is a low overhead, portable business that can be operated from a home or small office. company has 130+ offices throughout Canada and the USA and a is the dominant provider with a 30 year history .

Company is in the SMB cost recovery consulting sector, so they are targeting businesses from 5-500 employees and providing a service that helps companies save money in various cost centers focusing on telecom. Average savings for companies is close to 30% often equaling many thousands of dollars in savings.

The general business model is as follows: Franchisees develop relationships with small to mid sized companies and help them identify and recoup savings in various cost centers including telecom, transportation and billing. This is done on a contingency basis so the company is charged a fee only when savings are found, making new client acquisition a relatively easy process.

Franchisees then share in the often significant savings over a set period of time. To date the franchise has saved 16,000 companies over 250 million dollars using their cost recovery process and network buying power. So simply put – you help companies save money using a and then share in these savings over a set period of time.

The type of candidate we are seeking is a confident executive with prior business development experience. You should have existing relationships with local small to mid sized businesses or the ability and willingness to develop new clients in your territory. Average technical aptitude is required such as using a laptop, cellphone and basic software. No previous industry or cost recovery experience is required.

Company provides an extensive history of success a Proven business model, and a Comprehensive training program. If you have always felt you were worth more than what your current position provides it might be time to take the step towards business ownership.

If you would like to learn more please contact FRAN5 directly by completing the form on this page.