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Business Franchise Opportunities For 2022 & Beyond

In this interview we will discuss business opportunities in 2022

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00:00 Introduction
00:57 About John and Marketdata
04:20 Marketdata clients
06:14 Buying a business, how to start?
08:21 Why people don’t research?
11:11 Good industries for investing
12:00 Nail Salons Industry
18:00 Comercial Cleaning Industry
20:38 Residential Cleaning
22:24 More about Nail Salons
23:31 Physical Therapy Centers
26:56 Weightloss centers and clinics
33:10 Some thoughts
34:20 The importance of research
35:58 Final Thoughts

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Patrick Findaro here with Vetted Biz. I’m really excited to have on John LaRosa, who has well over 30 years of market research. And we’ve been doing deep dives on a lot of the different industries for, basically, looking at businesses for sale, as well as franchises for sale. And it’s really important, before you dive into buying that restaurant down the street, or that pawn shop down the street, that you look at it from an industry level. And that’s what John specializes in, looking at the industry, but then also doing further deep dives upon engagement from his clients.

So, John, thanks so much for joining us. You’ve written a lot of reports, and we publish at least five articles on the Vetted Biz blog on these kind of industry deep dives. Could you just tell me a little bit how you entered in the market research world and kind of what your focus is?

John: Yeah, I guess I started in market research in about 1979 after a brief stint in teaching. I was going to teach foreign languages and then decided I wanted to switch into business instead because it was more lucrative, and just more in line with my personal interest. So I’ve had a passion to do market research since the late 1970s, working for four different companies, before going out on my own and pursuing our company, Marketdata, full time in.

Patrick: When did you establish Marketdata?

John: When?

Patrick: Yeah. What year did you found it?

John: 1979.

Patrick: Wow, that’s incredible.

John: So I have worked for a small market research company on Long Island in New York. And I just love the work. It’s like being an investigative journalist, where you put all the pieces of a puzzle together in terms of what makes an industry tick, and the nuances, and characteristics of it. And it never got boring because I was looking at a different industry every two months. So it’s not like I was an analyst just for the automotive industry, or the construction industry all year long. I was looking at six or seven different industries every year. And each one has its own story. So it just became very interesting to me. And I decided I wanted to do that full time.

Patrick: And when did you make the move down to Florida?

John: I moved to Florida in 1996. So I’ve been in Tampa for about 25 years now.

Patrick: Okay. And Tampa has probably changed a lot since you came down in 1996.

John: Oh, yeah, it’s grown a lot. And we just moved here for lifestyle reasons. Just, you know, real estate was getting really expensive in New York. And it was…we were just starting our family back then. So it was a lot cheaper to buy a house and live the kind of lifestyle that I wanted. I like to play golf and, you know, be outdoors in the sunshine, even during the winter months. So, Tampa fit the bill for us.

Patrick: Yeah, I grew up right outside Washington, DC. I went to college in New England. And my parents are actually both from Manhasset on Long Island. And, you know, I lived a couple of years in New York, but for me, it was just too fast-paced. And I do prefer the lifestyle in Florida. Yeah, I mean, there’s just a lot to offer. And it’s really exciting, and, you know, cities like Miami and Tampa are changing a lot. And I think in a positive way after the pandemic with this whole work-from-home, or work-nearby-home.

John: Yeah. Growing up in New York, we never heard about any news from Tampa. But now we have all these championship teams, you know, between the Bucks, and the Raids, and the Bolts in hockey. We’ve got all these champion sports teams now. So, I guess we’re getting on the map the last 10 years.

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