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Jan-Pro Master Franchise Review (2021)

What is a JAN PRO Master Franchise?

JAN-PRO offers regional master franchises that have the ability to start unit franchises within their territory. JAN-PRO sells and supports unit franchises that will operate janitorial and building maintenance service businesses. JAN-PRO was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1995 and started selling franchises in 2005.

JAN-PRO Master Franchise Cost:
The total investment ranges from $127,500 to $768,000

Learn how the franchise cost are broken down and how much the sales are in our video/ article!

Cleaning Franchise: JAN PRO Master Review (2021 FDD)

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00:00 Introduction
01:08 About Jan-Pro Cleaning
02:23 Initial Franchise Fee
03:00 Franchise Cost
03:33 Franchise Sales
04:45 Income Statement
05:23 Competition
05:33 Conclusion
06:26 Contact us and check us out