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Managed Network, Security & Voice Services for a Restaurant Franchise [Case Study]

Find out how Thrive Restaurant Group gained a significant competitive advantage by consolidating network infrastructure, CCTV cameras, and voice communication with Interface for 80+ Applebee’s restaurant locations.

Here is a quick summary of what you will learn from this video:

Thrive Restaurant Group’s in-house IT teams were struggling to handle the complexity associated with managing connectivity and security needs of a growing franchise spread across 10 states in the US.

Some of these challenges included:
– Managing a large number of vendors meant it was difficult to pin responsibility on a single vendor when the service goes down.
– Managing billing, service credits, and coordinating between multiple vendors was an ongoing challenge.
– Security cameras were outdated resulting in security vulnerabilities and legacy phone connections made it challenging to handle customer call volumes.
– Ensuring PCI compliance and avoiding penalties was a major challenge.
– Ensuring network uptime and maintaining PCI compliance at all locations was difficult with limited staff bandwidth and in-house expertise.

With Interface, Thrive standardized their network, security, and voice infrastructure with the “restaurant-in-a-box” solution that comes with:
– Pre-fabricated, PCI-compliant, tamper-proof network cabinets with routers, firewalls, wireless access points, and support for VoIP phone system.
– Primary connectivity with local broadband service providers with a wireless WAN backup and a managed SD-WAN service.
– A VoIP phone system with advanced call management features designed to handle customer orders and streamline voice connectivity within the restaurant chain.

Because Interface delivers turnkey maintenance of the primary network, backup network, VoIP system, the CCTV network, Thrive is able to reduce operational complexity, offer a superior customer experience at the restaurants, improve security and staff productivity.

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