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Should You Buy a Franchise or Start a Business? Franchise Consultant Shares

Should I start my own business or buy a franchise? It’s the age old question. There are pros and cons to both! Learn more in this 2 minute video.

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Owning a business is much like climbing a mountain. When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re standing at the base of the mountain. There’s no trail, no map, no weather report, you’re not in shape for this. You have no idea what’s to come! You’re standing at the base of the mountain and you’re saying, “Okay, let’s do this.” And there’s not a soul in sight.

When you’re standing at the base of a FRANCHISE mountain, you’re looking up at a trail. It could be a six lane highway in a proven, established brand like McDonald’s, or it could be an emerging brand with a dirt trail. But there’s a trail nonetheless. There are people who have already climbed to the top. They are there sending down current weather reports, adjustments to the trail. So as the economy changes or the competition changes, they can adjust your path. So every step along the way, you know you are moving toward your final goal: the top of the mountain. These people have strategically set up guides all along the way to help you. So as you hit plateaus, they can get you going again. There’s another team of people at the base of the mountain, and their job is to get you prepared for the climb. They are going to give you all of the proper gear and tools. They are going to get you in shape mentally and physically for this climb. Now you’ve still never climbed the mountain, but they are going to prepare you as best they can without you ever stepping foot on the mountain.

And finally, when you are ready to climb, the best part is you’re not alone. There are other climbers. Franchisees who are as scared as you, as excited as you, they’re beside you, ahead of you, behind you, and everyone is in this together with the same goal to get to the top. Unlike a corporate job, when you’re climbing a ladder and people may be out for your job, all of that disappears here because everyone here has the same goal. And when you succeed, they succeed… Because you’re all shareholders in the same brand.

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